Saturday, April 12, 2014

Where is She?

I was a tad bit early opening the coop today. However, I've done it before and had the bumpings and commotion coming from within. Not today. It concerns me when I don't hear the ruckus because, that can only mean something bad. I know this from experience.

It WAS on the dark side and peering through the big door window I could only see Alice. Well, yeah, she stands out being white. I couldn't see The Goose, high on her perch. Nor, could I see Esther. I can never see her. She blends into her surroundings very well. 

I left to do a little shopping and on my return, only saw Alice and The Goose in the run. I know, I know, Esther is in the nesting box. (That's what I tell myself.) But, I'm uneasy with it. Walking out, I bend to look under the coop. Nope. I walk around the coop looking for a break in. Nope. I look through the door window and what do I see? 

Esther's head from inside a nesting box AND The Goose has laid an egg in the middle of the coop floor. 

(Sigh of relief)

Friday, April 11, 2014

In The Beginning

I've blogged for several years under another Blog. But, I have since closed it. I decided THAT blog was overflowing with anything and everything. I wanted a specific spot to blog about my chickens and other animals - past, present and future. A livestock blog, if you will. Lessons I've learned. Do's and Don'ts. Successes and failures.

A little background info. I met my wife (the whoa-man) on the internet. (gasp) No really. It was in an AOL sponsored trivia community. Live games run by community leaders - which I later became. What began as a host/player relationship blossomed into a friendship and expanded into love. So much so, I left my home in Tennessee to be with her, here in North Carolina. We live around the corner from her mother. She's up there in age and requires a little supervision and help in her twilight years of life.

The whoa-man and I have been together for 11 years. We have never raised our voice to one another, in anger. Never! Hard to believe? It's true. We think the same. We say the same things. We yawn at the same time. We sigh at the same time. We should be the poster children for Soul Mates. In our younger years, we had separate lives. I joined the U.S. Air Force and raised a family of my own - 2 boys. The whoa-man married and raised a girl and a boy. Now, all the kids are grown and have families, or places, of their own. We're Grandparents. My grands are in Tennessee and the whoa-man's are in Texas. Long distance relationships seem to be the norm for us.

Let's begin our story with rabbits. We started raising rabbits in 2010. Not for meat, as pets. Bought one at first. A week later another and a few months later another. Rabbits can be boring, boring, boring. I raised them as a kid for meat and never did too much socializing with them. Why? Because rabbits are boring - did I already say that? Boring enough to finally end our association with them this year. I traded them for chickens. More chickens.

Cadbury. Our first. Raised from a babe, haven't a picture of her young. ?

Cassie. The second. She was 6 months old when we got her. 

Chiklit. Picked him out when he was a couple days old and still hairless

He turned into this monster buck. Laid back as you could ever be.  
I wanted more animals and thought chickens would be more entertaining. Plus, give us fresh eggs. But, we didn't want just any breed. We researched the web until we found that perfect look. After all they were to be pets and not food. Except the eggs. We decided on the Polish breed.

We bought 2, in July of 2010. A white crested black (Morticia) and a white crested blue (Phyllis Diller). That's all we expected to have. Two. HA! Then the fever hit me. Chickens are like Lay's potato chips - you can't just have 1 or 2 or even 3. There's that new math. That new math called, Chicken Math. You can't stop. You need more, more, more, I tell ya.

This was the beginning of our flock...