Saturday, April 12, 2014

Where is She?

I was a tad bit early opening the coop today. However, I've done it before and had the bumpings and commotion coming from within. Not today. It concerns me when I don't hear the ruckus because, that can only mean something bad. I know this from experience.

It WAS on the dark side and peering through the big door window I could only see Alice. Well, yeah, she stands out being white. I couldn't see The Goose, high on her perch. Nor, could I see Esther. I can never see her. She blends into her surroundings very well. 

I left to do a little shopping and on my return, only saw Alice and The Goose in the run. I know, I know, Esther is in the nesting box. (That's what I tell myself.) But, I'm uneasy with it. Walking out, I bend to look under the coop. Nope. I walk around the coop looking for a break in. Nope. I look through the door window and what do I see? 

Esther's head from inside a nesting box AND The Goose has laid an egg in the middle of the coop floor. 

(Sigh of relief)

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