Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bantam Coop - Making Progress

I actually planned for my Banties to move in with the big girls and live in the large coop. After an attempt using Chatty as a guinea pig and watching the beating that ensued, I've changed my mind. They will have their own coop and enclosure.

I gathered up all my scraps, leftovers and other wood items and began a plan.

Putting the idea onto paper gives me a better idea at what I'm thinking about. All subject to change during the build. The measurements were based on the used wood I had. 

The initial structure. I reworked it a little to get the proportions and the angles right. 

Starting to cover and looking and thinking and rethinking. This looks like an old General Store building and I like it. But, I will not stray from my favorite barn structure. 

The front side (my side) I decided a drawer for cleaning wasn't required. Plus, it took away from the total height. 

All covered with red base coat. Seems a little bright so, I attempted a board look. 

The back side (chicken entrance) not happy with the paint and board look.
Now then. I darkened everything up. I'm liking it. Double doors for main coop area access and the nesting box on the right. If they decide to use the left, too, I'll put hinges over there and have another access door. 
Still more to do but, the major build is over.


  1. Just wondering--if you put all the banties in as once, do you think the big ones would still beat up then all up?

    I like your new coop.

    1. Further down the line, I may attempt an integration again. But, as for now, the Banties will live on the other side of the fence - out of harms way.

  2. The question was: if you put all the banties in at once, do you think the big ones would still beat up all the banties?