Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I started this blog to co-exist with my Facebook page, Chickens Out Yonder. For those that do not follow my page, I think some introductions are in order. Chickens Out Yonder is exactly what you'd think. Chickens! Out Yonder! In the backyard. There are 2 pens. One for the large fowl and another for the Bantams. I attempted integrating Chatty with the Big girls. How'd that work out? Not too good.

Starting from the top...


Esther the Easter egger. She lays a large light green egg and is the top chicken but, rules calmly - only inflicting pecks as required. 

Alice-ca-traz. A rock/white cross, lays a large brown egg. Second in command and a huge bully to Goose. She's mellowed over time and is less bothersome. Learning to be loud from Goose.

Officially, Eclaire the cream buff. Buff-laced Poland. Lays a medium-large white egg. This bird is so LOUD. How LOUD is she? I get calls from surrounding States about her. (Ha) She honks, sounding more like a Goose than a chicken SO, she is nicknamed the Goose. Pretty much the star of the show Out Yonder. Even though she ranks dead last in the pecking order.

I had a hankerin' for some banties and picked up 2 a couple weeks ago.

Best we can figure, this girl is a Bantam Japanese Black-tail. She talked a bit when first arriving and I named her Chit Chat (Chatty) Lays a small off white egg. I tried introducing her to the big girls, I thought they'd kill her. Brutal! 
Chatty had a friend that didn't make it. A coon took her home for dinner one night. I have since secured the break in and reinforced the coop.

Fancy la Feete. A Belgium D'uccles. Too young to lay. Taken by a coon - 
Chatty was alone once Fancy was gone and chickens being social, needed a friend, or two.

Picked up yesterday. Blue Bantam Cochin. 5 mos old. Name before the Committee.

Came with the blue. (above) Black Bantam Cochin. Also 5 mos old. The Committee has agreed on, Black Magic (Maggie) for this little one. Perhaps, when everyone gets acclimated, I'll throw a basketball to her and see what she's got.
And, there you have the main characters Out Yonder. Stay tuned. More stories about what's happening Out Yonder to follow.


  1. My favorite hen was Fancy. She died a horrible death right in front of me. I like your hens' name.

    1. I've had a few upset me. Through my own stupidity or laziness. I reckon that's what makes it so bad.