Friday, July 18, 2014

The Friday Forager

I'm set up next to the office window and always looking out yonder. Keeping an eye on the birds, the garden and the property. You never know what might be seen. A water buffalo. An elephant or mayhaps an anaconda. Well, maybe out somebody's window, not mine. Hopefully! To be more realistic we have squirrels, rats, cats, dogs, possums and that murdering raccoon wandering around. Oh and, let's not forget Merlin (the hawk) and his family soaring above.

A little while ago, close to 7:30 PM, I took a look out yonder to see if the girls were in the coop. It's getting about that time. I had previously seen a rat scamper from the run while I watered the sunflowers. I found a hole under the porch concrete and made a note to set Victor up there tonight. Victor? One of those wooden, finger breaking rat traps. He is a seasoned veteran and well known out yonder for his trapping experience.

My eye caught some movement around the front of the coop, next to the run. About the same place as the rat hole. I know I did a double take because what I saw the second time was that dang coon. Alice was out in the run. Chatty was in her run. Don't remember seeing Goose or Esther - they may have already hit the snoozer. Before I could get the window opened for a good clear picture, it spotted me and beat feet to the neighbor's shed where it lives. (you can see the roof over the privacy fence/ left side in the picture above)

You can see the rat hole under the concrete slabs. It goes all the way through. The coon was here and Alice was very close to where she is in this pic.
The urban wildlife is not afraid to show up in the daylight hours. Especially, the coons. I know it had to see my girls in the run but, it was only interested in foraging around the front of the coop. I scared it off by wanting a picture so, not sure what it may have done. What it did do was slip inside the shed by way of the eaves and we could see it's nose and 2 beady eyes peeking while we prepared Nicholas Cage.

I have 2 Victors out for the rats and Nicholas (the live trap) is set and baited for the coon. Perhaps, it will be hungry enough.  Every few minutes, the whoa-man walks in from the living room and shines the flashlight out the window.

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  1. Oh, goody. Is this your new blog? Great. then, I will put it on my blog roll if so. I get those daylight raccoons at dusk or just before.