Friday, July 25, 2014

The Goose is Certifiable

I've had this bird since she was 3 days old and she's always been wild, wild, wild. She is a buff laced Poland and was 1 out of a group of 6 I purchased in 2012. Can you guess which one she is?

She's 17 days old here. She wasn't noisy at this stage of life but, was definitely a performer. An over-achiever, to say the least. Little did I know, her antics would get wilder as she grew.

Somewhere around 4 months old. Her buff color was a lighter shade than the others and was named, Eclaire the cream buff...WAIT! She appears to be all cool, calm and collected here. And quiet, too. Still has that stare into la la land, though.

But, it never lasts long. Goose on the loose! Run, run, run and run some more! Nobody can catch me. Maybe I should've called her Flash! As time moved forward and, as fate (and her speed, I'm sure) would have it, she ended up being the sole survivor of many predator attacks to the flock. One by one my girls were being taken.

Somehow, she managed to escaped death over and over. But, somewhere during the onslaught she incorporated a distinctive HONK in her repertoire of sounds. Eclaire was no more, as I began calling her The Goose! I could believe, on hatch day, she might have imprinted on a goose and learned the HONK - only saving it for an older age to aggravate me. Along with the HONKING, she clucks and bawks constantly. Very, very seldom is she EVER quiet. You think roosters are loud? Maybe so, but this old girl will out talk most.

Now-a-days you can find her running the fence line talking to the wind. Bawk, bawk, cluck, HONK, HONNNKKK! It's loud and really obnoxious. But, BAWK, what's HONK a brother CLUCK to do? Oh yeah, I've told her to shut up on many occasions. Only to get beak lashed while she paces back and forth. "Nope, not going to make me shut up. Chase me under the coop? I'll HONK under there and when your back's turned as you leave, I'll come out and scream louder and LOUDER."

This last set of pictures is her reading the riot act to the Bantams (in a pen of their own because she and the other big girls are just too powerful and vicious) Notice her stance in all the pics - all aggressive. She's lunging at the bantams, desperately trying to whip some tail feathers.

Come here little baby chicken and I'll PECK you. HONK!

She's a non-stop crazy machine, I'm telling you. If there was ever a candidate for 'certifiable', it's her. Look it up in the dictionary; her picture is there.



  1. That's hilarious. Poor Mike. You know, even when they grow larger than her, she will still attack. My hen who is a bad influence will have a new home once my new hens start laying. Patsy Cline just does not know it yet.

    1. My Bantams won't get bigger than her. AND, will continue to live in their own little pen until the big girls move out. (Whenever, that will be. I'm not planning on them leaving.)

    2. Thank you for sharing Gooses story.......we find her beautiful and very entertaining.....:)