Thursday, August 28, 2014

A New Friend For Morticia

* This is an old post (September 2011) I transferred from an old Blog I had. I'm using it as a Throwback Thursday Post. Both these birds have since passed on.

Remember a couple posts ago I mentioned I might've found some friends for Morticia?  Well, the feller never responded to my inquiry until last night.  He still had them.  We went back and forth with a couple emails.  He had 6 and would give me a deal if I took all 6.  I didn't want 6 but, told him, probably 2 or 3.  I told him I was going to the Sanford Flock Swap to look and I would call him if I didn't find anything.  ( we know how them Swaps are)  He said he was going to Chadbourne Chicken Auction but if he knew for certain I wanted some he'd save some.  I told him okay.  Send me your address and I'll be there in the morning about 8 - 9.  He comes back and says he'll be gone by then and didn't leave an address.  FINE.

I made the trip to Sanford.  Did I find anything?  I found a couple of goats and quite a few chickens.  There was another truck with cages set up and some men yakking but, I never saw any animals.  Maybe just hanging out.  Next to them were a few cages on the ground filled with Polands, Cuckoo Marans, Cochins and Guineas.  Then another truck had a plastic storage container filled with young chicks (I didn't want to go to jail so I left them alone)  I was interested in the Polands, also known as Top hats. Why?  That's what Morticia is.  2 roosters and 2 hens/pullets double the size of Morticia.  Age?  18 - 20  weeks was the guess.  Morticia's only 8 weeks so, that's where the size difference came to play.  Well, the roos weren't in the equation but, the hens...
A buff-laced and golden-laced.  Both fine looking birds.  Did I pick one?  Which one?

Oh, several months ago we had a slew of tornadoes come through and tear some stuff up.  The Lowe's in Sanford was leveled.  On my route to the Swap I passed right by a brand-spankin' new store.  Had something going on in the parking lot.  I couldn't get a good look because that pesky driving was butting in.  I saw a fire truck with a group of folks gathered.  I dunno.  Maybe a grand opening?  Maybe a fund raiser?  Maybe a FIRE?  Wouldn't that be the luck?  It wasn't a fire and I should know better than to holler Fire in a public post.  I doubt it was the grand opening.  I'm sure they've already had that.

Anyway, when I get back from Sanford I checked my email and there's one from the feller with the Polands.  He had said he'd be back after lunch.  The mail had his address and a short blurb explaining he had forgotten to include it last night.  I checked the time sent and it was 7:30 this morn.  Unless he sent it with a blackberry or I phone he was still at home?  I had already left for TSC and Wally World by then and was planning my road trip.  Arrived home, unloaded the chicken and rabbit feed and our groceries.  Told Susan I was going to Sanford and headed out.  Sucks to be him.  I found one and brought her home.

(I was told) Goldie Flocks is a golden-laced Poland. (Incorrect. Buff-laced)  I'm going to pick May 1st for her birthday and age her at 18 weeks.  You decide if she's gorgeous or not.  I'll get more pics as soon as she gets settled in and starts wandering outside.  Morticia seems to like her.  They've done minimal pecking.  I was a little concerned at the size difference.  I thought maybe Goldie would hurt Morticia but, she stands her ground and told Goldie this was her coop.

Morticia's on the roost.

Again M on the roost stretching to show she's taller. 

Goldie on the roost.  M is tiny but, holds her own. 


  1. My mortician is called Phylis ....Phyllis diller

    1. We had a Phyllis Diller. A white crested blue that didn't make it. Hence, getting Goldie for Morticia.

  2. I like the story. I have bought two full-grown hens and they were badly bullied by the others. One of them, Patsy Cline, then became the worst bully of my three young Buff Orphingtons. She had even quit laying her 5 or 6 eggs each week. I'm glad yours got along better. Maybe it was because neither was full grown.