Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday Pics

Attempting another plant in the run. It's the same as one I tried before, only bigger. I also guarded the base and roots with chunks of concrete this time. How long will it last? It's been all day and is still standing. However, they've been scratching and pecking at and around it. 

The mourning doves coming over to clean up the thistle seeds from the finches feeders

Chatty soaking up the sun.

After seeing Chatty, Esther decides to join in on the bathing.

Then the Goose joined in.

Then, Esther moved and continued.

..and fell into the 'trance'. 


  1. Mike,
    Mine always looks like they are in death throes or dead. Have you ever seen the boxes with green growing for the hen pen? The boxes can be 6 or 8 inches or whatever. You plant greens for the hens, but put chicken wire over the box so that the hens stand on the wire but cannot scratch up the greens. Of course, they will pick, peck, pluck all that grows above the wire. Then, they have to wait for it to grow back.

    Doves are wonderful. There was a pair that lived here for a dozen years, but I here them several doors down lately. I want them back.

    1. I made one of the green boxes before but, probably used too small hardware cloth. (1/4"). They would leave deposits of chicken dirt on top of it and it got extremely dirty. I finally took it up.