Sunday, August 17, 2014

Weekly Pictures

Did I post this before? This plant/weed has made it in the run 4 days. They've looked at it. They've pecked at it and they've scratched around it. But, it still remains. 

The tomato plants are loaded with maters, have outgrown their cages and are falling all over the place. I'm tired of tying them up. Let 'em grow!

Had a short but strong rain storm the other day. Knocked a few of my basil plants down. Hopefully, they'll stand back up. 

Seeded my sunflowers. I believe I have enough for next year.
 The whoa-man finally captured a few decent shots of the hummer. They've been extremely evasive this year.


  1. Nice shots of the homestead. What kind of plant did you put in with the hens?

    1. I don't know. Something growing in the yard.