Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Brisk Sunday Morning

The rooster says, 'cock-a-doodle-cooool'. Most people would say 64 is a glorious temp to have. I suppose if there was some heavy manual labor happening, I'd agree. But, just walking around Out Yonder or, standing watching the chickens and listening to the sounds of suburbia, it's rather nipply. Of course, I'm a warm weather type of feller and relish the heat. I'd rather try and cool off than attempt warming up. I reckon the winter of 1980, on the flight line, in South Korea has a lot to do with it - single digit temps with double digit winds. Endless hours of frozen rain and snow blowing in your face. Fingers hurting so bad you pray they don't fall off from frostbite.

To go along with that 64 degrees, up yonder, is an easterly wind, I'd guesstimate 5 - 10 mph. I'm not a fan of wind, either. Fan? Wind? Imagine that. We also, have an abundance of shade trees which chill things down quite a bit on this type of day. On a positive note, the sun has started to shine bright and the skies are clear and blue.

I noticed the mater plants are on their last leg. I've already removed one that had since given up flowering. I had some maters in the house ripening, only to find them split and drooling on the counter. There's just a few maters left and I'm giving the majority of them to the chickens, now. I'll soon be clearing and tilling everything under. I've already gotten a spot ready for my winter garlic crop.

Goose isn't looking, or feeling, her best, lately. The molt has a good hold of her and she really looks pitiful, this morning. Did you know, the poorest laying hens usually look the worst while losing their feathers? While the best layers tend to rarely show any signs at all. I read that somewhere and Goose is definitely not known for her egg production.

Alice laid a deformed egg the other day. It's the first one, in all our years here. Could've been from the helicopter scare the other day. Or, molting will cause it, too. Not that she's showing any signs of the molt but, she is a terrific layer. It must've been a fluke. Yesterday's egg was back to normal.

Mags gives a disgusted look when she realizes my hand is empty of a snack.


  1. Sometimes a minor infection will cause deformity and wrinkling!

  2. My best layer has knots on her eggs all the time, but the eggs are larger than jumbo eggs. She is 5.5 years and her eggs were this way from the beginning. However, I have never seen an egg in the shape of the one in the picture.

    I like coolish weather. I prefer it hot with ac inside so I can breathe.