Sunday, September 28, 2014

Black Magic

I cornered Black Magic (Mags) and held her for a few moments, this morning.
Her crop was full and tight.
She felt healthy and alive. But, did a minimal of squirming
All the banties have a soft whimper, sounding a lot like a puppy.
Nothing like that loud-mouthed Goose. Who, by the way, has said nothing since her molt started. However, she's filling in nicely now and has begun to lay again. 
Always looking for trouble. Running wildly down the fence. Pacing back and forth. 
 Oh, there were 2 banty eggs in the nest yesterday. Chatty is no longer the sole provider of the little egg. I'm pretty sure Mags is laying now.


  1. Goose makes me think Turducken for some reason, haha.
    Congratulations on more eggs!

  2. Goose looks so funny and quizzical with the top decoration and the tilt of her head and body. She makes me laugh.