Friday, September 19, 2014

Happenings Out Yonder

The other day I mentioned to the whoa-man about not seeing any vermin hanging around. I told her by saying something about them, they'd soon show some sign. The very next morning as I was opening up Out Yonder, I saw one scurrying away from the feeder and out of the run. Later, I saw a pile of dirt under a wagon I had parked next to the fence. Of course...Time for Victor.

A butternut squash from the garden all cooked up and awaiting the squawkers in the morning. 

Nothing like new straw to entice a chicken (Chatty) to rearrange some furniture. 

That time of year. Goose is first to show. 


  1. I love to see a hole like that because I know exactly where to fight. However, that looks larger than a rat. Maybe I don't know my rat holes. That last picture is so cute!

  2. Haha. That last picture is perfect.
    Good luck to Victor!