Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Bean Experiment

Beans, beans, good for your heart...

I planted bush beans last year and harvested, next to nothing. They grew good but, not having the room in my ground garden, I couldn't plant enough to make it worthwhile. This year I decided to give some climbing green beans a try and picked the unused clothes line as the runner. This being an experiment, I only planted a handful of beans. I installed some string for the plants to climb to the top and it's worked out well. But, I'll not get enough beans to write home about. Next year, I'll dedicate the entire line to beans.

Yesterday, I noticed the end plant was reaching for the trees behind. I thwarted its travel and rerouted it around the clothes line toward the pole. This morning I went out for a picture for this post. That plant had unwrapped itself from the wire and was IN the tree. I snatched its happy little green butt out of the tree, gave it a stern talking to and rewound it, again, around the wire.

What will tomorrow bring?


  1. I never thought of using the clothes line, but I use mine. Good luck with the runaway beans.

  2. haha, "its happy little green butt" made my kids look at me funny as I laughed.