Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Slice of Bread

Who knew?

My large fowl: Alice, Esther and Goose will not eat bread. Never have. Turn their beaks up at the sight of it. Run off spitting and honking in disapproval and disgust. After several attempts, I finally removed bread from the menu.

When I brought the banties in, it never crossed my mind until today, they might like bread. I found a misshapen end piece on a new loaf and decided to give them a shot. No sooner did it hit the ground were they on top of it. Grabbing, running, gobbling and running some more. They acted as if they'd not eaten in a week. Loved it!

The big girls had a fit on the other side of the fence. Esther was whining. I even got a few disgruntled honks from Goose. Really? It's bread, you silly birds. Whine. Honk. Whimper. Squawk.

Alice was the only one to hold true to her beliefs. Didn't pay one lick of attention to the bickering from Esther and Goose, nor the feeding frenzy of the banties.


  1. I rarely feed bread to my hens. They eat it when they come to the door looking for me and I take a piece of whole wheat bread and break it in tiny pieces for them and toss it down to them from the doorway. But, if I put a whole piece in the pen, they just walk around it and look annoyed. I tried breaking it into tiny pieces for the pen. Nope, not right.

  2. I love your chickens.

    I'm here from John's blog. Now I fear what I missed as the credits rolled. I sat in shock, disbelief and relief and fear I may have missed something. Please tell me!

    I did not watch this show until John when on and on about it. I caught up on a marathon day and know now why John is hooked. I'm a fan!