Thursday, October 16, 2014

Black Magic

Since I lost Morticia in February, I haven't had a bird to hold and pet. I picked up a couple of young bantam cochins in hopes of rectifying that. I was 'told' they were friendly. They weren't.

Black Magic and Chantilly Lace
Well, I've noticed while unlocking the coop in the morning, Mags would allow me to pick her up. She'd also, eat from my hand in the run. But, wouldn't allow me to touch her outside. So, I've been working with her, in the mornings, at the coop door. I'll pick her up and hold her a short while, then set her down and keep hold of her.

She'll stay put for a bit and then scurry off and won't let me touch her again. A couple days ago, I knelt down and she came over to investigate (for a snack). I slowly reached out and she squatted. Ha! The submissive squat. I have her now. I still have to move slowly but, I can pick her up anywhere and play Lenny from the book, Of Mice and Men. Only, I won't squeeze her like he did. Right George?

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