Friday, October 3, 2014

Pictures Galore

No. Not a misprint of a James Bond movie character.

I have an over abundance of pictures in my Blog folder. Time to un-ass them. So...
in no particular order:

We have 2 of these plants on the porch. They're on either side of the door and loaded with bumble bees. Good thing bumble bees are non-aggressive. 

The main man around here. Higgins.

Breakfast of champions. And chickens. 

Goose in molt. She's filled in since and, I think, is on the downhill slide. 

Fluffing up and no place to go.

Chatty catching a drink

Goose looking rather perturbed. Actually, she looks like this a lot. 

Chantilly (Lacey) Lace

Black (Maggie) Magic. Looking at my empty hand. Her thoughts have been censored.


  1. What kind of chicken is Chatty? Good pictures.

    1. We're guessing Bantam Japanese Black-tail.