Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Rain Barrel

Storms swept across America this past week. I watched, on radar, as it inched its way closer and closer. However, we have mountains in the way and I knew once those nasty bands ran into them, they'd be broken up and knocked down a bit. Least, I figured that would happen.

It did! The mountains busted a move on them. They aren't near as big but, still have some rain. So, we're in the barrel. The birds are out in it, foraging for worms and such. Dodging rain drops. Singing BJ Thomas songs and dancing like Gene Kelly.

Even though, they don't look it, I know they're aggravated. It was raining so hard this morning I didn't throw any scratch. They are on their own, for now.

1 comment:

  1. It rained so hard and blew here that most of the town lost electricity. The chickens were glad to be locked up, I suppose. They were late getting fed. Mine dance, but I will have to listen for singing.