Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Runnel

We all know what a tunnel is, right? Probably been through a couple. I have. They're everywhere. The Lincoln (NJ and NY), the Eisenhower (Colorado), numerous tunnels in the Smokies. Even that one connecting England and France called, the Chunnel. (would you need scuba gear? at least an umbrella.)

Well, it's that time of year and with chickens, or any type of outdoor animals, you get rats. I don't care how much I clean things up, they show up, move in and build trails and tunnels. Over and under and through, the maze of trails pop up everywhere. When the weather changes, you can catch the rats movements. Mostly at dusk. Between cracks or under the wire they scoot. Scampering critters nervously grabbing bits of grain left by the chickens. The slightest sound sends them racing back to a safe place. When they think its clear, out they come. Over and over.

I call these 'runnels'

There's 2 or 3 of these 'runnels' leading from the neighbor's sheds, under the fence and into my yard. I noticed another one going under the coop, concrete slab, porch and into the run. I bury wire every time I see one around the chicken area but, the rats always find another place. They dig deeper or further out and get under the wire.

Leaves me to deal with them in another way. Traps. The big Victor wooden rat traps. Them things will break a finger if you ain't careful. Nope, had some close calls but, not mine yet. Caught a rat last night - a little bigger than a pet white rat. Well fed and, before it met Victor, looked to be healthy.

I'll fill these runnels in and keep an eye on which ones are still being used. Set up Victor and see what happens.


  1. I am not strong enough to set the traps, and you scare me since I might get a finger in the trap.

  2. Yup. No matter how much you clean, if the neighbors don't....
    Good luck to you and your troops!

  3. oooo I've watched Aliens twice today with my 17yo son. I want one of those flame throwers Sigourney Weaver gets to use. I'm afraid I'd have to be shooting flame in those holes!