Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Chickens and Oatmeal

This here flock of chickens love, love, love oatmeal. I do believe they prefer it cooked and plated over just thrown haphazardly around their areas. It's a real fiasco, too. I shot this short video. I apologize for the lens cap flailing away ( I only have one hand available ) and toward the end my batteries gave out. Ce' le vie.

Chickens and Oatmeal

Monday, November 3, 2014

Goose. The Epitome of Chicken

Goose. Formerly known as Eclaire the Cream Buff. She's really a member of the Poland breed of chicken. Their top notch makes it difficult to see, resulting in a fearful, flighty, nervous bird. I've had her the entire 2 1/2 years of her life and she has always been wild and 'chicken'. Always at the bottom of the pecking order. Her characteristics are in the breed. 

I've had 8 Polands and not all are like this but, enough to make it the norm.  Goose is definitely certifiable, however, amusing to watch. Stands off alone, the majority of the time. Runs from sounds or movement of any kind. Yet, will chase rats, squirrels and the banties. For the longest of time, she HONKED like a Goose - hence the nickname. Since the molt, she hasn't honked very much. Believe me, it's a blessing. Her honking was obnoxious and very, very loud. I feared the neighbors would get upset and begin to complain. They didn't however, my back neighbor installed a 6 foot privacy fence. THANKS!  ;)

Because of Goose's nervousness and jumpy characteristics, she is the sole survivor of 5 different predator attacks. Three by raccoon and two by hawk. She could not be caught. Sadly and unfortunately, the rest of her flock members didn't fare as well. That left her all alone and I wondered, chickens being social, if she cared. I brought in 2 other birds, Esther and Alice, as companions. Still not sure if that was a mistake. Alice immediately bullied her. Relentlessly, chasing and pecking. A few times I thought about sending Alice back to her original home but, over time, she stopped and my little flock of 3 had melded. 

I miss my Polands but, Alice and Goose's personalities are a good source of entertainment. Goose, never still for more than a few seconds. Honking her displeasures. Alice, always looking for that perfect sneak attack. And then, when chaos abounds, Esther steps in and puts a stop to it.

An Alice sneak attack missed Goose, this time. At the shutter click, she was leaning out and on the move. 

Esther reminding Goose she's not always a body guard. A quick peck has her UP in the air and in retreat mode.

Goose standing off assessing the situation.

Sleeps in the rafters, keeping a safe distance from the rest

Leave me alone!
Nature is cruel and the chicken pecking order is no different. It's sometimes hard to watch but, that's how it is. The birds know it and accept it. None of them are stressed out too much. I get eggs from each of them regularly.

One big happy family - as chicken families go.