Thursday, January 22, 2015

Minor Surgery

Chatty had been gimping and limping around a few days. Went out, caught her and gave her the once over. Hmmm. She has a broken, half severed 'thumb'. Plus, maybe a slight case of scaly mites.

Her left foot's thumb is hanging by skin.

Sure looks like scaly mites.

 Her right foot has some hard mud on her spur. Spur? Here I thought only roosters sported spurs. We clipped her thumb and....

...oiled her down - a treatment I'd read about for scaly mites. 

A week later her legs looks much better and she's barely limping. Still have that mud spot to contend with. We'll do another dip Sunday. 


  1. Glad to hear she's doing better. Hope it continues.

  2. Did you cut off the hanging part? The "mud" is poop. Okay, maybe mud on poop. The poop gets hard as concrete and only a good warm, soapy foot bath works to get it off. Plus, I had to use my fingernails under a cloth to get it off. Poor girl.

    1. Yep, cut the thumb off. She's doing good.