Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The New Year

The New Year came in warm and dry. A few folks down the street had to shoot firecrackers and bottle rockets throughout the day and night. I keep having to remind myself that I, too, growing up, did some things neighbors or other people might have had a problem with. But, hell, I'm getting old and crotchety and am within my rights as a geezer to not like it.

Oh Dark Thirty. I caught the Bantams still on the roost. 

The whoa-man gave me 2 boxes of bran cereal for Christmas. I purchased this 3-drawer unit and waited for the chicken treats to arrive. 

The treats arrived!  Now we wait for them to...

Mealworms! Breeding. They like apples. 
The tarps I covered the chicken runs with, gathered and held a LOT of water. (it rained all day, yesterday) I bet there was more than 20 gallons accumulated. I'll do some modifications and all should be well. However, if you ever need an inexpensive rain water gathering system....


  1. When I read you received bran cereal, I thought you had a problem with elimination. Okay, second guess. You are using cereal and apple to grow worms for the flock? How is this done? Do the warms crawl out of those drawers? How does this work for drainage? I really want to know all about this endeavor. I have been considering it.

    1. Yes, for the chickens. The worms can't scale the sides of plastic or glass. The beetles can't fly nor scale. I use this website for my info. http://www.sialis.org/raisingmealworms.htm I haven't gotten beetles yet but, should soon. I'll post more when I see progress. Let's hope.