Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Shop

While back I cleaned up the shed and pronounced it a (primary) wood shop. Not too bad for small stuff but, the larger boards need to be worked outside. A bit of a hassle but, do-able. Well, I had several extension cords hooked together running from the house. I plugged it into a 4-way extension plug and had even more extension cords plugged into that. My oh my. More than once, I'd blow the breaker in the house and have to walk those hundreds of miles back to reset it. ;)

Well, I've finally hooked a real wire, 14 gauge, into the house's main and wired the shop. Wonderful. No more power drains. No more blown breakers. I have pics...

The initial, now I can walk, clean up. Work table and band saw. I love my band saw.

The other side with my cut off saw. And, a rat's nest of flimsy extension cords lining the wall. Look at that Green Acres mess at the back. 

Back wall has a freshly wired, real outlet with my band saw and shop light plugged in. 

Step in the door and flip the switch. Power!

Another outlet with my cut off saw and sander plugged in. 

And yet, another outlet with another light and an empty under my work table. 

Extra. I tarped the Bantam's run. No more mud and it will keep them out of the rain better. 
I have another huge tarp for the big girls' run but, it's rainy today. Soon, they'll be completely covered, too.

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  1. Good job. All those extension cords were making me nervous as you related all this. Today, it rained all day, so my three stayed in their pen which is covered with hardware cloth and a blue tarp. I think the three stayed in the pen all day even though the door was open.