Friday, January 23, 2015

They Think the Tractor's Sexy.

Space is a premium in the Banty Barn so, one day, whilst I was doodling in the shop, I made the Banties a feeder trough. I've since put dividers in it to separate oats, pellets and oyster shell. I can remove the trough at night and store it in Gordon. No more nightly rat festivals. 

I liked it so well, I made one for the big girls, too. And, pulled down their monstrosity of a feeder. More room for them and no room for rats.  They have a separate oyster shell box so, this trough only has the 2 compartments. 

I had some thoughts on building a lightweight tractor for them, too. Yesterday, I scouted enough wire from the old fence line, scrounged some wood and made this new old tractor. Only cost me time. Enjoyable time. Goose chose not to go on the journey for bugs and grass but, Alice and Esther had no problems entering and riding to the feeding grounds. 

When I brought them back to their run, they exited, just like trained little monkeys. Still needs a nesting box and I have a small tarp for shade.


  1. I have trained Did you put a bottom in so they can ride? I am confused. Nice looking tractor. I have wood and fencing, just no talent.

    1. No bottom. Riding is a figure of speech, they have to walk along. Watch your feet.

    2. I ws thrilled to see the feeders. Then, I decided I cannot put their food or kitchen scraps away from rats. The hens jump right in the center of anything with food in it. They scratch until the get it all out. Then, the go around the pen and sometimes even kick it out of the pen. Thelma is the worst because she will jump in a plate or bowl or even a pile while the others just eat and peck around her feet.

      Thanks for clearing up the construction for me.

  2. Love your feeder. 2x4's? Looks more manageable than the store bought, and I like the idea of picking it up putting it out of reach. Plenty of varmints out here would love to join the chickens for a meal.
    Your tractor looks good, too. Thanks for the pictures.
    Have a great weekend!