Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pictures and Projects

Chicken and Rice (not Jerry)

3 little Banties all in a row. They all lay eggs, none of them crow.

See? Goose finally decided to pitch in and lay eggs, too. 

Up around Greensville, NC. I think. (memory lapse)

Birdbrain County is snow bound. 

Mr. Jay has claimed this swing feeder.

I made another one. Easier to build but still some issues. Pretty stout, though. 

Lest we forget Goose

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Swing Feeder

A few months back I was searching pictures for bird feeder/house ideas. I ran across a swinging porch chair and thought of making something similar for the birds to eat from. Here's the results.

I'm waiting to see if the squirrels destroy it. 

Rained on last night and ALL DAY today.

He was eyeing it this morning from the tree.

I think he likes it.

Perhaps, I should call this the pew.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Flashback

Sitting here during the frozen temps of winter, I often long for those warm summer days of my youth.

Although, I don't feel extremely old, I did grow up a long time ago. My youthful memories are filled with outdoor play in the heat of the Deep South summers. Funny, I can't recall any cold, winter days. Except, the time, we moved to Washington for a couple years, I walked a couple miles to a good sized hill for some snowy, sliding fun. Fun, until I was hurting from the exposure and still had to walk back home. My hands, fingers and toes were so cold, I remember crying, while trying to warm them in front of the oven.

Ya see, we didn't have those electronic games. We had light sockets and frogs, electrical outlets and a nail. A bicycle with cards in the spokes and bare feet on the blistering neighborhood sidewalks. G.I. Joe and all his equipment. The original, not the 'real hair guy or kung fu grip wimp'.

Okay, we did have the electrical trains. But, after a couple trips around and round, they were about as boring as a Nascar race. We were forced to watch The Lawrence Welk show, learn to square dance and not to fart or cuss around the girls.

We also had a dog and horse (or two or three)  Rodeos, cattle and rattlesnake round-ups and chewing Red Man tobacco, during our years in Texas. And, my favorite times were sitting around the wood burning stove in the old country store - listening to the old-timers tales of the past.

Spending time outside, making homemade ice cream with Dad. Wiping the sweet juice of a perfectly ripened watermelon from your chin. And, who can forget the bloody, stubbed toe on those dreaded tar strips separating the concrete squares of the sidewalks?

That's my flashback. Do you have any?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Playing Catch Up

Last night we had a winter ice blast. Cold the rest of the week, then...the warm up and march into Spring. 

The mealworm pupa are transforming into the darkwing beetle. We have quite a few now. 

Disassembled an old patio couch, planed it and made this bird feeder 

They've started laying again. 

Bellied up to the feeder. 

Winter blast. Freezing rain.

Goose on her power walk.

We get over this ice blast and Springtime weather begins. 

A back saver. 

Never heard of these. Heirloom, too. On their way. 

An Out Yonder Video

 I've been slacking with posting. Facebook and YouTube have taken over.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Alice The Goon

The whoa-man offered the name Alcatraz the day this chicken arrived. She would, continually, bounce off the wire like a boxer on the ring ropes. (as an escape attempt was in the making) No, not the whoa-man, Alice. We went through several naming attempts but, we focused on Alcatraz. Alice seemed to be the logical choice and Alice-ca-traz it was. The fence bouncing lasted for a few days. I reckon she finally accepted the facts.

Then, the bullying started. She would only bully The Goose, though - never Esther. I figured it was because her and Esther came together and the pecking order was already established between them. Due to my vast knowledge of chicken behavior, I immediately dubbed Alice 'the new yard boss.' She was definitely making her presence known. (to the Goose) Charging and pecking her, relentlessly. Even when the Goose took the submission stance, Alice would continue the barrage. It was so bad, at times, I had thoughts of rehoming Alice. My past flock never had a bully and I, even though, the Goose is not my favorite, didn't appreciate her being picked on All. The. Time. Finally, Alice eased up some and flock harmony began to emerge.

However, after weeks of observance, I've come to the conclusion that Alice is NOT the yard boss. It is, in fact, Esther. Yes, mild-mannered, (Clark Kent) laid back Esther. Whodathunk? I realized this when I caught Esther pecking and running Alice off from snacks. Especially, meal worms. Alice would not retaliate nor would she challenge. So, Alice is 2nd in the flock and wants to keep her status.

I've never known the Goose to be a fighter. She's always been flighty and sissified. I suppose this reaction is the reason I still have her. The others were taken by predators. We had no choice, one day, to leave her out with Merlin (hawk) perched in the trees. I had locked Morticia in the coop but, the Goose would have none of it. We said, 'good luck' as we left for work. Arriving home after dark, found Goose on the coop porch asleep.

Who remembers the old Popeye cartoons with Alice the goon? I took a video this morning, once again, trying to get the Goose's honking. Seems she knows and keeps a lid on her audio. Alice's meanness came through a couple of times and I thought of her as a Goon.


Goose has been relatively silent for the past few months. No more HONKing, SQUAWKing or CLUCKing around. Perhaps it was the molt. Perhaps the cold weather. Who's to say? Well, yesterday wasn't too quiet. Just like MacArthur, she has returned.

I've been playing a little bit on YouTube and decided to break the old tripod out. Mounted my camera and placed it at chicken level to snap some stills and maybe get a video. Right on queue, after the first still shot, she started her foolishness. I pushed the record button, stepped back, leaned on the fence and observed this...

Goose Has Returned