Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pictures and Projects

Chicken and Rice (not Jerry)

3 little Banties all in a row. They all lay eggs, none of them crow.

See? Goose finally decided to pitch in and lay eggs, too. 

Up around Greensville, NC. I think. (memory lapse)

Birdbrain County is snow bound. 

Mr. Jay has claimed this swing feeder.

I made another one. Easier to build but still some issues. Pretty stout, though. 

Lest we forget Goose


  1. Let me know when you're selling them and how much postage will be. Or post instructions. :-)

    Stay warm! That ice with no truck is just too freaky...

  2. I saw that ice grill--magical. So, your are a poet. This looks like a start of a bird feeder business. Well, the issues don't show on the latest feeder. Which egg belong to Goose? The big one?