Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Playing Catch Up

Last night we had a winter ice blast. Cold the rest of the week, then...the warm up and march into Spring. 

The mealworm pupa are transforming into the darkwing beetle. We have quite a few now. 

Disassembled an old patio couch, planed it and made this bird feeder 

They've started laying again. 

Bellied up to the feeder. 

Winter blast. Freezing rain.

Goose on her power walk.

We get over this ice blast and Springtime weather begins. 

A back saver. 

Never heard of these. Heirloom, too. On their way. 

An Out Yonder Video

 I've been slacking with posting. Facebook and YouTube have taken over.


  1. Ugh. Blogger ate my comment....
    I love the raised planter, it even has shelves underneath for storage! Been trying to get hubby to make me one, but he prefers the old way.
    I may take a chance and try making one. I like backsavers.
    Glad we didn't get an ice storm like we had last February. Be careful and stay warm!

  2. Please post things to this site. I don't go to facebook. You can list your you tube stuff here. I love the pictures of things--planters, cardinal, ice.