Monday, February 23, 2015

The Swing Feeder

A few months back I was searching pictures for bird feeder/house ideas. I ran across a swinging porch chair and thought of making something similar for the birds to eat from. Here's the results.

I'm waiting to see if the squirrels destroy it. 

Rained on last night and ALL DAY today.

He was eyeing it this morning from the tree.

I think he likes it.

Perhaps, I should call this the pew.


  1. It looks well-crafted. Hopefully, it won't be a cat-feeding station! You did a really good job. Is it glued or nailed together.

    If you re sharing lots of stuff on fb, I hope you bring it here. I will never see it on fb or the other site.

    1. No cats in the yard. It's glued and has some small brads holding it together. I have a few design and building flaws I need to work on to make it easier and more productive/cost efficient.

      I normally take the best photos fro Fb and post them here.

    2. Well, I won't be able to see your best. I sort of feel second-rate and cheated. I don't see any design or structural problems. I wish I had a saw and felt I could use it without cutting off my fingers. My sawing days are over. Besides, I am so allergic to sawdust and even finer particles.

      If you lived closer, I would share some wood that is 113 years old that came from my house when the porch was removed. I made birdhouses from it and won second place at the County Fair. I love homemade yard décor.

    3. Okay, I see you put the best photos here. I misread.

  2. Doesn't need to be perfect for birds. I think it's great!
    Be safe and stay warm!

  3. I love that! Great job on inventing, Mike.