Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Breakfast and Garden Update

An overage of eggs makes breakfast for all. Plus, the girls also had some old frozen maters for an afternoon snack.

I do believe Goose is standing her own when it comes to eating goodies. 

Chatty started that position from 4 feet above. I can't get the gate open good without her flying up and getting first dibs.

Gardening prep is here. Goose is so excited.
I have, it seems like, an endless supply of these along the fence lines. Perfect sized saplings to build with. 

One area tilled. Green onions and radishes sown. I used those sapling limbs for my mater containment system. I can add shelves, as necessary. 

..and then the Parkton flock swap. Rained me out. 


  1. I bet those will sell when you go again. You could go to the flea market in Raleigh to sell them, or the one in Florence. Sorry to hear you got rained out; but congratulations on all the eggs!
    Yard eggs here go for between $2 and $6 a dozen...
    God bless! ♥

  2. I like your building material and the structure you made. You will have more at the next show since surely you did not quit building. I cannot imagine your crafts not selling. I give most of my extra eggs to my friend around the block who takes my garbage to the road each week. Last week, I gave them to a young mother who helped me in the house. Of course, with only two hens laying, and eating them myself, it takes about two weeks to get a dozen extra eggs. Tonight, he gets nine eggs and I keep nine.