Monday, April 20, 2015



I counted 53. Still have over 1,000 seeds inside. Perhaps, a wall of them in the front yard, along the house?

Crook-necked squash. Planted 2/22

The same squash, I forget when I transplanted. 

I planted a dozen Ky Wonder pole beans. 11 came up. 

Kentucky Wonder pole bean

My tomato seedlings aren't growing very fast/well, so, we bought a few to help the garden grow.

A cherry tom, I forget the name, has already bloomed.

..and the keeper of it all, Out Yonder

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Last Week in Pics

Tea time.

Testing the waters

A house finch on the suet

These crook neck squash are well over the cup, today.

I believe she's got the one eyebrow raised. You know the look. 

..and I have a new camcorder. Here's a look around Out Yonder.

A Tour