Monday, April 20, 2015



I counted 53. Still have over 1,000 seeds inside. Perhaps, a wall of them in the front yard, along the house?

Crook-necked squash. Planted 2/22

The same squash, I forget when I transplanted. 

I planted a dozen Ky Wonder pole beans. 11 came up. 

Kentucky Wonder pole bean

My tomato seedlings aren't growing very fast/well, so, we bought a few to help the garden grow.

A cherry tom, I forget the name, has already bloomed.

..and the keeper of it all, Out Yonder


  1. Make rooms from the sunflowers. That would be magical. Line paths with them. You will have lots of people and chicken treats from the harvest.

    You will probably make the newspaper if you fill your yard with sunflowers.

  2. I bet she is eying the tomato plants. I've read they like ripe ones. Though she could be wondering if they have any tomato worms!

    Your garden is looking great. Congratulations!