Monday, May 11, 2015

TS Ana and The Garden

A lot of rain but, not too bad of a storm, for us.

Heavy rains laid the sunflowers over. They should stand back up when Mr. Sun dries things out. 

These are cherry maters. 

Our favorite mater, Big Beef. 

Crook-neck squash. First flowering. 

Lacey checking things out from the roosting stick. 


  1. Glad to hear it wasn't a bad storm for you all. Your garden is looking great! Do you buy plants, plant seed, or do your own starts to transplant out?
    Hope you all have a great week, Mike.

  2. Do you have a garden with rows or do you put things in different places like you did with the sunflowers? Everything looks wonderful.

    1. I have main garden area with plants in sections - not really rowed and then other smaller patches throughout the yard with stuff growing.