Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Harvest and Chicken Pics

Big Beef on the vine

Hand size

Fresh from the garden and Banties

Just a couple of plants, this year. Not great but, better than last year's container-ing.

Vine borers!!! I replanted some more seeds in another area. 

Should've had these 2 for the vine borers. 

Goose is such a character

Esther's just a-purrin'

...and Alice. The Goon!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Our Weekly Photos

Let's see what we've got today...

Picked this 1st Big Beef yesterday - showing signs of splitting. It was a bit redder than this pic. 

Had an appetizer - 1st harvest Blue Lake Bush beans. I'll plant many more plants next year. They're tasty. 

No, this isn't a magazine picture. The yellow are my favorite. 

My Harbor Freight, assembly required, trailer. (Wood purchased separately.) Half the price of  a store bought trailer. I reckon a different color is needed. It's starting to weather and turning pink. Not for me. 

Artist Peter Cook. Took near 8 years to train this 'Chairy' tree.

(British accent) 'a spot o tea' for the wild birds. It's seeds. 

Young Cardinal scouting out foodstuff under the tea cup.

Red-headed Sapsucker. NFLers? Named him Warren. 

The whoa-man's owl table
 Now the girls...

Had the gate open. Chatty's eyeing an escape. (or checking my hand for a snack)

Mags, my little butterball. Only one of 6 I can pet and pick up. 

Course, she wasn't having anything to do with me when she was broody. Cut me off. 

Broody, mean hens. Lacy bites pretty hard.

Goose. The star of Out Yonder's Facebook page

Thursday's rainstorm

Friday's sunbath

Almost, the whole fam-damily

Monday, June 15, 2015

Whole Lot of Pics

...and not in any type of order. 

Lacy. Blue-laced Bantam Cochin. Broody butt-hole.

My broody-breakers in work. Also, double as rabbit hutch doors.

Goose. Poland hen. Loud and obnoxious. 

Chatty. Japanese black-tail Bantam. Finally, over her broodiness after 2 months. 

Supersweet 100 cherry toms. Good tasting mater. 

Cool idea. I'll keep this in mind for future endeavors. 

Bar room bird/squirrel feeder. 
She needs a pair of che(e)p sunglasses. Wonder if ZZ Top has any left? 

Trying out her new scooter feeder. 

Girl. Let me tell you something...
We had a HUGE storm and I knew when the rain started falling, this would happen. Sunflowers never stood back up. I have them strung up and intend to stake them. 
After the storm. Must be 20 gallons of water in there. Yes, I got wet.
That be it, folks. I'll try and keep up...

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Life After the Flu.

After 12 days of the flu, I'm very close to a full recovery. It weren't no fun!

Broody Banties. No fertile eggs. 
Big Beef tomatoes.

Corn is tasseling 
Goose at the gate. 

Summer squash, tonight.
Our first zuke. 

..and of course, the whoa-man and whoa-man senior shopping day deal.