Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Life After the Flu.

After 12 days of the flu, I'm very close to a full recovery. It weren't no fun!

Broody Banties. No fertile eggs. 
Big Beef tomatoes.

Corn is tasseling 
Goose at the gate. 

Summer squash, tonight.
Our first zuke. 

..and of course, the whoa-man and whoa-man senior shopping day deal.


  1. Goose looks just like my phyllis Diller

    1. How ya been John? Haven't seen you in quite the while.

      We've had 3 Phyllis Dillers. One died. One was killed and one turned out to be a Phil. Bad luck name around here.

  2. What did you buy at the Christmas Tree Shop? I thought they were tomatoes. Your produce looks great!

    1. They were some sort of decorative balls. She has them in a small vase with some green stuff on top.

  3. Jealous that you have zucchini and squash already. Ours have been slow to grow. Not nearly as big of plants as yours.

  4. Your garden looks great. I was checking ours today. It's at the muck stage. I think all the tomatoes we planted are a loss. The beans mostly so.
    I forgot to check the cucumbers, but they seemed to be enjoying the floods.
    Glad to hear you are getting well!