Monday, June 22, 2015

Our Weekly Photos

Let's see what we've got today...

Picked this 1st Big Beef yesterday - showing signs of splitting. It was a bit redder than this pic. 

Had an appetizer - 1st harvest Blue Lake Bush beans. I'll plant many more plants next year. They're tasty. 

No, this isn't a magazine picture. The yellow are my favorite. 

My Harbor Freight, assembly required, trailer. (Wood purchased separately.) Half the price of  a store bought trailer. I reckon a different color is needed. It's starting to weather and turning pink. Not for me. 

Artist Peter Cook. Took near 8 years to train this 'Chairy' tree.

(British accent) 'a spot o tea' for the wild birds. It's seeds. 

Young Cardinal scouting out foodstuff under the tea cup.

Red-headed Sapsucker. NFLers? Named him Warren. 

The whoa-man's owl table
 Now the girls...

Had the gate open. Chatty's eyeing an escape. (or checking my hand for a snack)

Mags, my little butterball. Only one of 6 I can pet and pick up. 

Course, she wasn't having anything to do with me when she was broody. Cut me off. 

Broody, mean hens. Lacy bites pretty hard.

Goose. The star of Out Yonder's Facebook page

Thursday's rainstorm

Friday's sunbath

Almost, the whole fam-damily

1 comment:

  1. Goose definitely struts like a star!

    We replanted beans. Blue lake and a new one to us called Garden of Eden. Nothing from them yet. Got some red noodle beans to try. May try putting them out in the pasture to replace the blue lake that pretty much drowned. Haven't decided.
    Your squash look good. Wish I liked it!

    I love the teacup with the hummingbird feeder. That is really creative!

    We've found that porch and deck paint works well for trailers. And it comes ready tinted if you want your trailer red again. Or green or whatever.

    Hope you all have a great week!