Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Few Pictures

Gardening has been slow this year. 

Had to replant the squash after the vine borers had their fill. I have them under guard (from me and Larry)

The squirrels demolished almost all the sunflowers this year. A couple left, for now. We didn't get the mammoth flowers from the saved seeds of last year. I heard another person had similar results - cross pollination from planting different varieties close together. 


Hanging out at the fence spreading rumors.

I made them a small run for some fresh foraging. It's accessible to both pens and I can segregate as needed. 

This is from a picture of Goose. I couldn't make her hair-do work, so...

...still, turned out pretty nice. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Out In The Wood Shop

I've been piddlin' in the shop, recently.

Sold! For a friend/customer.

First attempt at a bandsaw box.  Made a few mistakes but, I was always partial to the rustic/rough look. 

Now, there's 2. Will there be more? 
The chickens are still healthy and active. Eggs out the ying yang.

The gardens off and on but, producing.