Sunday, September 13, 2015

Not Today, Bucko!

Merlin came in for an up-close visit. The big girls were hidden under their coop, while the banties were tucked safely inside their barn.  So long sucker.


  1. Looks like Merlin is giving you dirty looks!

  2. We've had hawks land on top of the runs and even walk the ground between the runs. This summer we had a nest of hawks high in a pine in our front yard. What a dichotomy; the fascination of watching them grow and fledge (sp?) while knowing what they would like to do if they could get into the runs of the girls in the backyard (our chickens stay inside enclosed runs, just too many predators around here). Great photos, by the way.

    1. This one's on top of the run. I dismantled the run in 2013 and lost 2 birds to hawks. Put it back up and all they can do now is window shop.