Tuesday, October 20, 2015

When The Food Runs Out...

Fall. The end of the growing season. Harvest time. Not just for plants but, for predators.

We're no strangers to predator attacks and loss of chickens. We've had our share. Raccoons, possums and hawks have all visited at one time or another. The coons and hawks have successfully scored from us, too. But, today won't be one of those days.

When I'm using the computer I periodically look out the window to a place out yonder. Out yonder where the chickens hang out. This year, perhaps last, I rebuilt the enclosed pen for my birds. Two years ago I thought is was time for the birds to have their freedom and removed the enclosures - setting them free to frolic in the backyard. The coons and hawks devastated my flock of Polands and I had learned a lesson. No more free-range without me being close at hand. No more keeping the coops opened/unsecured at night, either.

This morning, just after daybreak, I took a glance out the window. Out yonder, where the chickens are having their morning water and feed. I saw a familiar figure standing boldly in front of Gordon and the Banty Barn. Intent on grabbing some early chow, he stalked around. Looking for an opening. A way to fill his growling belly. Hoping today's menu would be chicken. I snapped a horrible picture of him and watched several minutes. He flew up on top of the run. He walked round and round. No luck for him, today. My defenses proved worthy. The early bird may get the worm. But, not my chickens. I'm the Seinfeld Soup Nazi. 'no chicken for you.'

No sooner did I open the back door, he was gone. Beat feathers to another spot. Perhaps, hiding in the trees but, I think he's moved on for today. I went out and told everybody it was safe. The banties came out and sampled some old meal worm/beetle carcasses. The big girls are still holed up in the coop. Scared. Making the danger sounds. The hawk had herded them some from outside the fence until they went inside. They're still pretty spooked.

So, it's that time of year again. Food is getting harder to find and my yard is a favored eatery. The chickens will be safe from flying predators. Haven't had any land predators yet. Hopefully, won't. One thing is for sure, Higgins will have a bodyguard for a few days when he goes out to soil the trees and fertilize the yard.

He was here last week snooping around also. Better pictures in a past post - 13 Oct 2015

Monday, October 19, 2015

Shutter to Crates

Our old shutters have seen better days - the bottoms are rotting away. Being louvered, the slats are perfect for building crates. And, that's what I'm doing. I'll build a different style shutter for the house, soon.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Monday, October 12, 2015

Fall. Mealworms. Etsy.

The mornings are getting cooler. Evenings, too. Depressing. I know winter is close at hand.

I bought and hung half a small pumpkin for both sets of girls. They ate the seeds but, have pretty much left the rest of it to rot. Perhaps, it's too hard? I'll leave it for a bit.

We'd had an indoor fly problem, off and on. Couldn't figure where they were coming from. One day going to feed the meal worms we found out. Baby flies everywhere. I took the drawer outside, let the flies out and covered it with screen. That only trapped the little ones. Solved our problem in the house but, it took its toll. I found maggots in the corners and a bunch of my worms/beetles were dead. I made a new drawer, picked out several handfuls of beetles and began anew. The old bedding and remainder of living (and dead) went to the outside feed bin in Gordon.

A new product in my Etsy shop.

Ordered some supplies of paint brushes and daubers for an easier and uniformed look. More to come.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Bandsaw Piddling/Etsy

I happened upon this reindeer on YouTube. Gave it a shot. We like it. I'll make more.

The whoa-man wanted some small folding step stools for co-worker's chillren. We found a pattern online and I got to it. 

My chicken family. 
I've sold a few things on Ebay. (none of the above, yet) But, they charge a 5% fee for my sale price AND   5% for shipping, too. Then Paypal gets an additional 3%. Killing me. I looked into Etsy and decided to open a store with them. $0.20 listing fee and 3.5% sale fee. By-passing Paypal, I save 6.5%. Researching Esty, I found sale prices are extremely high, too. But, people are paying them. My stuff costs me little to nothing so...why not? Here it is -> Out Yonder

Course, if a blog follower would like something, we can make a different deal.  ;)

It rained here 15 days in a row. Yesterday, we finally saw the sun. We were nowhere near what South Carolina received but, still - Every. Day. Rain. Is no fun. Drying out...

The girls are all fine. Chatty and Lacey stayed broody all summer. Left Mags to the egg laying. Esther's the only one laying on the big girl's side. Alice quit last year (hasn't laid since) Goose is heavy in the molt.

That's about it, around here.