Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Bandsaw Piddling/Etsy

I happened upon this reindeer on YouTube. Gave it a shot. We like it. I'll make more.

The whoa-man wanted some small folding step stools for co-worker's chillren. We found a pattern online and I got to it. 

My chicken family. 
I've sold a few things on Ebay. (none of the above, yet) But, they charge a 5% fee for my sale price AND   5% for shipping, too. Then Paypal gets an additional 3%. Killing me. I looked into Etsy and decided to open a store with them. $0.20 listing fee and 3.5% sale fee. By-passing Paypal, I save 6.5%. Researching Esty, I found sale prices are extremely high, too. But, people are paying them. My stuff costs me little to nothing so...why not? Here it is -> Out Yonder

Course, if a blog follower would like something, we can make a different deal.  ;)

It rained here 15 days in a row. Yesterday, we finally saw the sun. We were nowhere near what South Carolina received but, still - Every. Day. Rain. Is no fun. Drying out...

The girls are all fine. Chatty and Lacey stayed broody all summer. Left Mags to the egg laying. Esther's the only one laying on the big girl's side. Alice quit last year (hasn't laid since) Goose is heavy in the molt.

That's about it, around here.


  1. I love those chickens! Remember to price things so that when you have to buy supplies, you won't have to go up on prices. Of course, I suppose you might find those small scraps forever. May I use your chicken picture on my blog to show people what I found?

    Do you have a picture of goose in molt? That must be hilarious.

    1. But, of course you may share. My prices, on Etsy, or well above any costs I may incur. Ebay taught me a lesson on my first sale. I didn't lose but, I didn't get what I wanted.

      I'll see if Goose is willing for a photo shoot.

  2. Everything looks great! Hubby is working at making a chicken coop. There may be chickens in our future!
    Glad you are finally drying out. That was a crazy storm. Stay safe.