Monday, October 12, 2015

Fall. Mealworms. Etsy.

The mornings are getting cooler. Evenings, too. Depressing. I know winter is close at hand.

I bought and hung half a small pumpkin for both sets of girls. They ate the seeds but, have pretty much left the rest of it to rot. Perhaps, it's too hard? I'll leave it for a bit.

We'd had an indoor fly problem, off and on. Couldn't figure where they were coming from. One day going to feed the meal worms we found out. Baby flies everywhere. I took the drawer outside, let the flies out and covered it with screen. That only trapped the little ones. Solved our problem in the house but, it took its toll. I found maggots in the corners and a bunch of my worms/beetles were dead. I made a new drawer, picked out several handfuls of beetles and began anew. The old bedding and remainder of living (and dead) went to the outside feed bin in Gordon.

A new product in my Etsy shop.

Ordered some supplies of paint brushes and daubers for an easier and uniformed look. More to come.


  1. Eww. Glad you figured out what it was though.
    Who is the little dude there?
    Hubby is building a coop...
    Have a great week!

  2. I had a fly problem that would stop and then start again. I forgot what was causing it, but I stopped the problem.

    Gordon is cute. What does he do?

  3. My hens go nuts for pumpkin seeds and love the rest of the pumpkin!