Saturday, January 2, 2016

Pallet Wood Projects

I believe it was Christmas day when I asked 'the boy' about some pallets he may be throwing away at work. Said, he always does and would give me a text next time. He did and I picked some up.

 A couple hardwood and some more made of pine. Let me tell you, disassembling these is no easy feat. But, it only took about 20 minutes per.

Let's see what my first project was and you tell me if the investment was worth it.

Turned out pretty, me thinks.


  1. You certainly improved the look and home utility of a pallet! For what do you use this table? It appears to be a versatile item.

    1. A side table, I reckon. Could double as a stool.

  2. Turned out fantastic, Mike! You could easily sell them at the flea market.
    Hope you all have a blessed week.

  3. You're so handy! Pallets are a handy thing for sure.

  4. Will you email me? I want you to make me a chicken plaque using a picture of my favorite chicken. I don't want to sign in Etsy. Thanks